Tuesday, 12 June, 2007

MyBlogLog, or MBL, is a great way to promote your blog and maybe even link up with some like minded people at the same time.

Last time I checked there were approximately 150,000 members, up from about 70,000 (I think) when I joined last February. Whatever figure you take though, there is certainly no shortage of blogs to look at.

The selection of member blogs on MBL is probably pretty indicative of the blogosphere in general. That is, very wide ranging.

There are personal journal style blogs, there are commercial or monetized blogs, there are niche blogs, there are non-specific blogs, there are brand new blogs, there are long established blogs. There are new names, there are familiar names. You get the picture. As I say there is a lot on offer, and a lot to see and read.

One little thing that has begun to annoy me with some blogs though (and I’m sure this isn’t just restricted to MBL member blogs), is the apparently growing trend for people to include background music tracks on their blogs.

“Background music” on a website isn’t exactly a new thing by any stretch, but I guess with the growing number of widgets, or plugins, that make placing such music on a blog quick and easy, more people are opting to have some beats on their blog.

And this is all fine. There’s nothing wrong with choosing to play a little background music while reading someone’s blog. IF I feel like it!

But the problem is we don’t always get a choice. I’ll start reading a blog and suddenly music will begin blaring through my computer’s speakers. And often without warning.

This may not be such a problem if I wasn’t already listening to my i-tunes, or streaming a show from a radio station, but the point remains I wasn’t given a choice as to whether I wanted to hear anything.

(And oh, the resulting combination of what I am already listening to, plus what is forced upon me, makes for a really interesting musical medley by the way.)

And while some people may say, “well if you don’t to hear anything just click the stop-play button”, that’s beside the point as far as I am concerned. As a user, surfer, or reader, I should have full control over my browsing experience.

So how about it? Consider your reader and consider whether you want regular return visits from me. Sure, keep your background blog music but try disabling the autoplay function.

I might even listen to what you have on offer – if you give me the choice.

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  • I’d agree with you there. No matter how interesting the content, I won’t link to a blog or site that autoplays music. Depending on where you are surfing from, it can be annoying or downright inconvenient.

    ChristinaG at 5:49 pm on Thursday, 14 June, 2007
  • Spot on Christina – there’d be no link love from me either.

    John at 7:26 pm on Thursday, 14 June, 2007
  • I hate it when it’s quiet night and the music starts playing really loud. It always scares the heck out of me.

    Robert D. at 12:34 pm on Friday, 15 June, 2007
  • :lol: Good One!

    Suzie at 8:19 pm on Friday, 15 June, 2007