Links for 23 November 2007

Friday, 23 November, 2007

Book on User-Centered Web Design Available Online for Free: another free reference for web designers… Access by Design by Sarah Horton. +

equation bookshelf: guess why I like this particular bookshelf?!

equation bookshelf

If I didn’t have so many pictures up on the walls here I’d have an equation bookshelf… +

The Flagship Blog Project: Creating Multiple Blogs for Profit in 30 Day Cycles: a plan, that’s right, a PLAN, for creating flagship blogs and then selling them for profit 30 days later.

Not only does Maki have a knack for conceiving all sorts of intriguing and wonderful ideas for optimising the blogging experience, he can also write in great detail about them! +

The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks: d’oh, I may be a contender for a mention here. I love my quotation marks. Sure you can use the good old <em>emphasis</em> tag, but quotations marks have a certain emphasis of their own.

How about a blog dedicated to examples of over-emphasising the obvious then?! +

Book of the future comes with batteries included: it’s a bit like an iPod except it displays the collected works of Shakespeare rather than plays the greatest hits of Moby. changed the way the world buys its books and now it wants to change the way the world reads them. The US-based web retailer has launched a new wireless $US399 ($A450) electronic book reader dubbed the Kindle, a name intended to evoke a sense of igniting knowledge.

Not only does Kindle render digital books and magazines, it also allows you to subscribe to certain blogs. Jason Kottke, among others, has been weighing in with some thoughts on the subject.

Will it catch on, I wonder? +

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