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Saturday, 8 December, 2007

A Preview of HTML 5, by Lachlan Hunt. After a mere ten years between drinks, the W3C is gearing up to release version 5 of HTML.

To give authors more flexibility and interoperability, and enable more interactive and exciting websites and applications, HTML 5 introduces and enhances a wide range of features including form controls, APIs, multimedia, structure, and semantics.

The coder in me can’t wait to play with HTML 5, and I especially like the page structure elements the new spec will feature, though I foresee a couple of backwards compatibility issues until all browsers are offering full support. +

Creating Sexy Stylesheets: a handy stylesheets primer for beginner and advanced stylers alike.

Being a CSS expert is more than just memorizing selectors. It’s also working to improve the maintainability and efficiency of your stylesheets, planning for the future and mastering your workflow.

“Mastering your workflow”? Last, but not least? +

Nobel prize winner Lessing warns against ‘inane’ internet: Doris Lessing, winner of the 2007 Nobel prize for literature, has lashed out at what she considers to be the negative impacts of the internet and blogging.

Writing, writers, do not come out of houses without books. We are in a fragmenting culture, where our certainties of even a few decades ago are questioned, and where it is common for young men and women who have had years of education to know nothing of the world, to have read nothing.

We never thought to ask how will our lives, our way of thinking, be changed by the internet, which has seduced a whole generation with its inanities so that even quite reasonable people will confess that, once they are hooked, it is hard to cut free, and they may find a whole day has passed in blogging.

“We never thought to ask how will our lives, our way of thinking, be changed by the internet”. That may be true, but did anyone think such changes would be as profound as Doris Lessing describes them? +

Fail: would this be the The Blog Council as in the The Jedi Council? The “council” gets the Airbag treatment! +

Stealing design: well here’s another way of looking at design theft…

Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.

Indeed! +

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