Good Vibrations Sydney 2009 photos

Monday, 16 February, 2009

Good Vibrations fence warning sign

There have been mixed reactions to Saturday’s Good Vibrations music festival in Sydney, with punters on one hand slamming the quality and conflicting scheduling of some acts, while however enjoying the rainy and muddy conditions.

It’s not often some of us get to climb into rainproof ponchos and gumboots it seems. Anyway stacks of photos of the Sydney event are spring up online so I’ve started compiling a list and will add more as I find them:

Sydney photographer Corey Brand has posted a number of sets on Facebook (login required), Collection #1, Collection #2, Collection #3, and Collection #4.

Some great Flickr sets have been posted by The Vigilante Photographer and MystifyMe Concert Photography™. There’s a few individual photos by, plus some snaps by James Brechney.

And for a retrospective look at Good Vibes check these inthemix and Facebook collections.

Update: also check out this photo gallery by Gaye Gerard, this Flickr photo set by najeroux, this gallery by, photos at Livguide, and this photo collection at WireImage. There’s also a review of the day by 2Threads.

Update #2: a few inthemix photo galleries from Sydney.

Update #3: a few more photo sets by craiglundon, Jacqui Mitchell, and go right into the action with shellgaymer.

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