Real time bus and train delay information direct to your iPhone

Thursday, 2 July, 2009

After a false start earlier this year (due mainly to one or two over-zealous bureaucrats) Sydneysiders will soon be able to install an app on the likes of their iPhones or Android handsets, which will provide bus, train, and ferry timetables.

The new official app will include more features than existing offerings and will support most mobile phones including the iPhone, BlackBerry, Google Android, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. Bus, train and ferry information will be available from a single app, which will incorporate service interruptions and take advantage of a mobile phone’s built-in GPS. This would “allow the system to identify the present location of the user and map relevant transport services from that location to their required destination”, said MoT project manager John Vandyke.

Initially the timetable data will be static, but in time the app will supply real time updates… useful for when a bus or train is running late.

Of course such instances are so very rare in Sydney but it’s reassuring to know the app developers are taking that point into consideration nevertheless.

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