Does your journey through time make you feel angry?!

Friday, 14 August, 2009

Your perception of time may say a lot about your disposition to anger. For example if an event, say a meeting scheduled for Wednesday is “moved forward” by two days, will the rescheduled event take place on the Monday or the Friday? If you answered Friday – I’m sorry – but you’re the grumpy sort

David Hauser and colleagues first showed that people with an angrier temperament are more likely to think of themselves as moving through time, than to think of time as moving towards them. You can test this on yourself by considering which day of the week a meeting has changed to, if it was originally planned for Wednesday but has been moved forward two days. If you think it’s now changed to Friday, then you’re someone who thinks of themselves as moving through time, whilst if you think the meeting is now on Monday, then you’re more passive, and you think about time passing you by.

Any meeting on a Monday however, whether it was “pushed back ” or “moved forward” is going to irk me. Monday’s don’t feel as if they are moving at all, especially through time… they’re more like being stuck in a time warp.

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