The pyramid scheme of technological trance digital distraction

Thursday, 10 September, 2009

A hierarchical representation of digital technologies (larger graphic) and the degree to which they will distract us from our work, as well as themselves.

For example an incoming SMS message will take our attention off an email we are reading, while anything an iPhone does (incoming call, Twitter status updates, etc) will distract us from text messages, emails, and land-line phone calls.

I notice these days that I can spend hours at my computer, in a cloud. A swampy blur of digital activity, smeared across various activities and media and software. Emailing, writing, tweeting, designing, browsing, taking calls, Skyping, Facebooking, RSS Feeding – all blurred into a single technological trance. I seem to switch randomly from one to the other. But actually is there a subtle hierarchy in this cloud? Do I prefer some distractions over others? I think so.

For comparison a number of non-digital items are also included on the pyramid, with a hot stranger for example considerably “trumping” a cool party, but not of course an iPhone.

And while we are at it: iPhone checking is a sickness.

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