It’s all rock n roll to me, the origin of the names of music genres

Monday, 9 August, 2010

I never did give much thought as to how the names of genres of music came about… for instance what is now “country” music used to be known as “hillbilly” music…

Originally known as “hillbilly music,” America’s twangy, rural sounds were re-branded in the ’40s by the musician Ernest Tubb. “‘Hillbilly,'” said Tubb, “that’s what the press use to call it, ‘hillbilly music.’ Now, I always said, ‘You can call me a hillbilly if you got a smile on your face.’ We let the record companies know that they were producing country music ’cause we all come from the country.” (“Country & Western,” meanwhile, referred mostly to the music of guitar-wielding cowboys of popular cinema.)

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