It’s a fact that London is the subject of many urban myths

Friday, 15 July, 2011

A list of things you might hear about London that are in-fact incorrect.

One about tube trips that are quicker to walk than ride caught my eye though, because I’m sure there are situations, especially in central London where some tube stations are relatively close to each other, where the walk would be almost faster than the train ride, after taking into account things like time entering/leaving stations, waiting, congestion on the network, etc.

There are 109 journeys between London’s Tube stations that are quicker to walk: This urban myth is only hours old, but looks set to gain currency. The figure is based on a blog post by Diamond Geezer from three years ago. Yesterday, however, researchers from the TV show QI tweeted the “fact” to their 131,000 followers. Diamond Geezer has followed up with a new post explaining how the original number is blanketed in caveats and certainly not definitive. It’ll be interesting to see if this one grows.

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