Technology and social media are an introvert’s best friend

Wednesday, 10 August, 2011

Technology, in say the form of voicemail, and social media channels, have combined to make it easier than ever to lead the introverted lifestyle, meaning those who crave solitude can still interact with others without the need to do so directly, or immediately.

But technology, long the domain of the geeky introvert, stepped up to the challenge. A brilliant first volley was the answering machine: ostensibly a device meant to ensure that a call wasn’t missed, it quickly became a tool to ensure that you could miss any call you wanted. Technology has steadily gained ground. What some describe as an always-on society is, in fact, becoming a Golden Age for introverts, in which it has become easier than ever to carve out time for oneself while meeting the needs of our extroverted friends. That’s a key distinction: we live in a time in which introverts can regularly mask their introversion if they so desire.

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