disassociated realigned

Tuesday, 15 May, 2012

I hope you’re all liking the new look to disassociated that I rolled out over the weekend. If you’re yet to see it, come on through.

There’s been a few significant changes. First, in Zeldman like style, I’ve ditched the sidebar (again) that sat to the right. While sidebars certainly serve a useful function, there was simply no need for one here, and I’d been thinking for a while the space it occupied could be put to better use.

I’ve also been concerned for sometime about the way disassociated renders on mobile devices, especially smartphones, and now, thanks to some incredibly basic responsive design geekery, have hopefully improved the site’s display, if only slightly, on smaller devices.

I’m also dabbling with web fonts for the first time. The main advantage here is that everyone sees exactly the same font, or typeface, regardless of whether they have it installed on their system or not. Previously visitors were either seeing Helvetica or Arial, depending on what fonts they had available.

Right now you are looking at Agenda Medium, by Font Bureau, whose design is inspired by a font that was in use on the London Underground almost one hundred years ago.

I’ve also added in social media sharing buttons that will make it easier to put anything you see here out on Twitter or Facebook if you want to. I’m hoping to add a Pinterest button, once they devise some WordPress/blog friendly format dynamic type code.

So still a work in progress, with a few things to iron out and finalise, and more time to be spent on the development site, but having been working on the redesign for some weeks, I wanted to get it launched. If you do stumble upon any glaring bugs or problems though please send through a message.

As for the “logo”, you should be able to see – if you look between the lines – the letter d, disassociated’s official shorthand brand.

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