What the wedding photographer saw… years later

Tuesday, 11 December, 2012

Matt Mendelsohn, a US photojournalist, reconnects with some of the people whose weddings he photographed years earlier… it’s heartwrenching reading to say the least.

Stephanie and I met recently at a Mexican restaurant in Ballston, and though we’ve kept in touch over the years – I photographed both of her pregnancies – it’s the first time we’ve discussed life after her wedding. She, of course, remembers the dress with the cuffs, the rain that morning, her giggly vows. But when she tells me she hasn’t looked at her wedding album in probably seven years, I’m reminded of how fleeting it all can be. The bridal industrial complex, in which I’ve been a cog for 14 years, desperately wants couples to believe that it’s all about Your Day! – the emphasis firmly on the “your” part – that if you throw enough fondant and tulle and calla lilies at one eight-hour event, newlyweds might forget about the 438,000 hours yet to come.

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