The mysterious case of the vanishing videos at disassociated

Tuesday, 22 January, 2013

Something strange has been happening to posts here that include video clips in the last couple of weeks, and you may have noticed that the clip seems to appear, sometimes, several hours after the article it was meant to be part of has been published.

Turns out there’s a bug in the latest latest version of WordPress (3.5 in case anyone else is having the same problem), the CMS I use to publish disassociated, that omits video clips that are included in posts that are scheduled to appear some time after I’ve written them.

This means I have to go back later and reinsert the code. That’s doubly frustrating because when I draft posts with video clips, they are in plain view. It’s something about the actual publishing process, which can take place, in some cases days later, that somehow strips out the clip.

Anyway a fix is in the works I am told, so hopefully all will be back to normal shortly.

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