For the uninitiated, how to land an aeroplane

Tuesday, 12 February, 2013

The hardest part of flying an aeroplane is landing, that I learned from my days buzzing about in Cessna 152s. Misjudge your height, approach speed, cross winds, and, well, you may have to overshoot, or go around, and hopefully you’ll have that luxury open to you.

Landing a craft much larger than a Cessna 152, with or without flight experience, is likely another matter however. In the event then you ever hear the dreaded words “does anyone aboard have piloting experience” while on a flight, hopefully this guide to landing an aeroplane if you are not a pilot will be helpful:

Anyone who plays with a flight simulator should get to this point without any instructions, but now things will get stupidly fast. Adrenaline and not knowing what you are doing are the main reasons for this. To land you will have to forget everything you know about xplane of microsoft’s flight simulator. Using small movements you will keep the runway between your legs. Be patient, do only small corrections, if you over correct you will start zigzagging. Airplanes are like kayaks, they are always skidding and inertia make things take a bit longer, you need to wait for you input to make a difference. (this impression is actually caused by our notion of space).

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