Model trains, the key perhaps to a model life of happiness

Wednesday, 13 February, 2013

Members of the Melbourne Model Railway Society seem to be pretty content with their lives, could their apparently all consuming interest in their model trains be something to do with it?

The world is a foul and meaningless place full of pimps and mutant wolves. And who isn’t fucked up and miserable about that fact? People with hobbies. It’s as though by finding something you love and climbing all up in it until it’s so tight around you that you can barely breathe, the misery can’t squeeze its way in. Maybe I’m oversimplifying it. Or maybe people with hobbies are as morbid as the rest of us but we only ever see their weirdly contented exteriors.

Doesn’t have to be model trains of course. I expect that anything on the up, that keeps the mind away from negative thoughts, would have the same affect though.

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