The Snickers bar, getting shorter over time, but any sweeter?

Monday, 18 February, 2013

Carl Hegelman, a long time consumer of Snickers bars, looks at how the confectionery snack has changed over time. In short it has become smaller (unless we’re talking about the double-size bars). Given however the amount of fast and junk food we’re inclined to eat, this may not be a bad thing (I never though I’d hear myself say those words).

In the 1990s, you could buy a carton of 48 Snickers bars from Smart and Final Iris for about $16, or 33 cents a bar. This was about half the price you’d pay retail. Yet another example of how, in another demonstration of the world’s general injustice, the (relatively) rich can actually buy things cheaper than the poor. Sadly, as time wore on, the price of the box increased about 3% a year until by late last year you’d be paying around $25, or a little over 50 cents a bar.

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