So warm beer, or cellar temperature beer, isn’t so bad after all?

Tuesday, 25 June, 2013

Who’d have thought… it is possible to serve beer that is too cold, including even brews intended for consumption after being buried in pack ice. But, given the diversity of beers and ales that are about, what goes for one doesn’t always go for another. In other words there’s nothing wrong with so-called “warm” beer:

Bitterness and maltiness though, are much of what makes beer beer. By serving beer too cold you rob yourself of the pleasures to be had when you note a particularly hoppy brew with a fine malt backbone. You miss the subtleties of flavor the brewer imparted in the beer by adding the hops at a particular moment during brewing and then removed them at precisely the right time. You miss the citrus and piney flavors of the hops and the sweet caramel notes imparted by the hops.

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