The Australian Infront turns 15, time to party like it’s 1999

Tuesday, 26 November, 2013

Visual Response 07, Australian Infront

The Australian Infront, a creative and design community I had some part in helping set up in 1999, turns fifteen next year.

I’ve no doubt the Infront crew have a number of events in the pipeline to mark this illustrious occasion, but to get the ball rolling submissions are now open for Visual Response 07, Infront’s long running design-an-image-based-upon-a-single-word challenge, and the theme word this time is, you guessed it, fifteen.

So, read all about it, and get going, you have until Saturday, 7 December, to get something in.

Otherwise, fifteen years is a long time. Over the last week or two, since reading about the upcoming Infront milestone, I’ve found my mind wandering, as my thoughts have drifted back to 1999. It was some year, and the world I live in today differs vastly from the final year of the last century. Then again, it seems nothing has changed at all.

There has been some meandering down memory lane, and recalling of the good old days as it were. I’ve been looking up a few personal websites from the time, that I used to visit regularly. Some are still there, with the same designer, writer, or owner, though they have, needless to say, changed somewhat in fifteen years.

I’ve also been recalling a few old haunts from the day, some of the people I met therein, and recreating, all too vividly at times, some of the situations I found myself in, but hey that’s par for the course for a creative type introvert. It’s really a form of time travel though… if you adhere to the grandfather paradox that is.

This time travel of sorts has not been solely restricted to true-to-life visualisations however. I’ve been quietly rolling the old convertible out of the garage late at night, driving around town, when I’m in town, and going to said places.

I’ve been lucky so far, no one has looked at me like I’m the first Dr Who, or something. So, yes, I’ve been partying, a little, like it was 1999.

Anyway enough reminiscing, maybe there’ll be more another time. We’re back in the present moment now. Carry on.

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