Where in the world do the redheads really cluster?

Tuesday, 3 December, 2013

Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and a region in central Russia, are where you’d expect to encounter more people with red hair than anywhere else. At least according to a variety of maps that were doing the rounds earlier this year, that is.

British researcher Mona Chalabi, unable to track down the data these maps were based on, is currently conducting a survey, that you can take part in, of redheaded people in an effort to determine where they are located, and, I dare say, to ascertain the veracity or otherwise, of these maps.

Rather than believing that… concentrations of redheaded people can be found in specific places though, I instead think their presence can be attributed to the Redhead Cluster Phenomenon, which, long story short, suggests we all start showing up in the same places, where ever that might be.

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