Night Train to Lisbon

Thursday, 9 January, 2014

3 stars
Night Train to Lisbon scene

Divorced high school teacher Raimund Gregorius (Jeremy Irons) lives a solitary, ordered, life in Berne, Switzerland. His routine however is turned upside down after he prevents a young woman from jumping off a bridge to her death, in Night Train to Lisbon, trailer, the latest feature of Danish film director Bille August (“Jerusalem”, “Return to Sender”).

Finding a book, written by a Portuguese author, that the woman left behind, Raimund, on impulse boards a train to Lisbon, in the hope of tracing her. He instead finds himself meeting former Portuguese resistance fighters, and playing a part in untangling events that unfolded forty years earlier, during the Carnation Revolution.

Despite being based on Pascal Mercier’s best selling novel of the same name, featuring a dependable cast including Christopher Lee, Mélanie Laurent, and Charlotte Rampling, plus lashings of intrigue, “Night Train to Lisbon” fails to pick up real momentum, while often out of sequence flashbacks can make the story difficult to follow.

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