Cosmic Nature, by Beastman, Kind of Gallery, Darlinghurst, Sydney

Monday, 5 December, 2011

Cosmic Nature flyer

Whose work is on show?

Sydney based street artist Beastman (aka Brad Eastman).

What’s it all about then?

“Cosmic Nature” is new series of paintings by Beastman that explores the futuristic and overwhelming idea of nature coming to life in a way we could have never imagined.

Where is it and when is it on?

The show opens at Kind Of Gallery, 72 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney, on Thursday, 8 December, 2011 at 7pm, and runs until Sunday, 18 December.

For more information check out the show’s Facebook page.

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Beastman’s “Intrinsic Nature” exhibition at the National Grid

Thursday, 21 May, 2009

Intrinsic Nature by Beastman

Brad Eastman aka Beastman, will be exhibiting another selection of his work at the The National Grid Gallery, in Brookvale, Sydney, in a show titled “Intrinsic Nature”, which opens on Friday 22 May 2009 at 6pm, and runs through to Monday 25 May.

“Intrinsic Nature” is an exhibition of paintings by Sydney based artist Beastman (Brad Eastman). Using acrylic and ink on wood, his new intricately detailed, tight and colourfully patterned artworks further explore a parallel world of scaly skinned, bold outlined, beast-like characters gripped by fear, anger, stress, lust, jealousy, confusion and paranoia. Heraldry, symmetry, folklore, nature and the ocean are themes which are becoming more and more evident in his latest work.

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Standing room only at China Heights as Beastman Begins

Friday, 14 November, 2008

Beastman Begins opening at China Heights

Just in from the fantastic, and very well attended, opening of Beastman Begins, an exhibition of work by Sydney artist Brad Eastman, at Surry Hills gallery China Heights.

As the photos show there wasn’t even room to hold your beer (or cider) so crowded it was. As to the art, I can only concur with Andrew Johnstone… it was awesome.

The show runs until next Wednesday, 19 November.

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May Contain Traces Of Nuts

Friday, 22 February, 2008

May Contain Traces Of Nuts

[weAREtheIMAGEmakers] presents May Contain Traces Of Nuts, an exhibition featuring the work of Ben Frost, Trent Whitehead, Jae Copp, Ainslie Fletcher, Adrian Knott, Sam Smith, and Mr WATIM himself, beastman.

The show opens at Melbourne’s Paper Shadow Gallery on Friday 14 March, and runs until Sunday 16 March.

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Five Questions: Brad Eastman

Monday, 17 September, 2007

WATIM 12x12 exhibition

Five Questions is where I talk to bloggers about their projects and some of the other things they are doing. I ask {Q}uestions, and hopefully get some {A}nswers.

[weAREtheIMAGEmakers], or WATIM, is an online publication launched by Sydney web designer and artist Brad Eastman in February 2006. Brad took some time out to tell us about WATIM, and a few other things he’s been doing recently…

{Q} A project like WATIM must require a considerable amount of your time and energy, what do you get back out of it?

{A} Yeah WATIM does take up a chunk of my time, but I’m lucky enough to have a job that’s not too hectic, so I can run WATIM during my work hours while I’m getting paid. Sure sometimes WATIM has to be put aside so I can concentrate on my art and design work, but that’s all good.

As far as what I get back out of it all… I get a few things, I get to meet and network with extremely good Australian artists, I gain personal experience in publishing, marketing and all other aspects of the arts/design/media industry, and lastly I get satisfaction knowing that I’m doing my bit to help boost the emerging Australian creative scene… which I am a part of anyway!

{Q} You’ve just redesigned the WATIM website, what’s new or changed?

{A} Not too much has changed with the new site, I made the news/blog section both more user and reader friendly and re-scripted the site with the help of my friend Adrian at abepe design, so it’s now a lot easier for us to update, which means we’ll be updating the content more often.

We’re also going to be launching the WATIM online store soon, from which we will be selling selected products made by Australian artists, such as books, magazines, prints, clothing and other random stuff.

{Q} You recently staged the 12×12 exhibition, how was that?

{A} The 12X12 exhibition went really well, which is why we are going to be doing the 12X12 group show concept again in 2008 with a different line-up of Aussie artists. aMBUSH gallery got packed out on the opening night, and we sold about half of the 144 canvases that were in the exhibition.

There are still some artworks available for purchase, including works by Ant Keogh, Creepy, Dyzla, Eamo, Numskull, Reka, Trent Whitehead and Yok. Information about purchasing 12X12 artworks is on the website.

{Q} What other events are planned, or in the pipeline for the future?

{A} After doing 12X12 and redesigning the website, we’re having a little bit of a break for the next couple of months. WATIM is a major media sponsor of the upcoming “overgrowth” exhibition that Creepy is putting on in Perth on 7 December 2007.

We’re also helping put on a group show in Melbourne in early 2008, and then doing the 12X12 exhibition again in May/June 2008.

{Q} You obviously see a lot of Australian art and photography, what’s your appraisal of the local art scene?

{A} Yeah we get a lot of submissions from all over the country, there definitely seems to be a strong scene building up in Brisbane at the moment, but Sydney and Melbourne still appear to provide homes for the majority of Australia’s most talented artists.

There are a lot more exhibitions happening lately as well, and more galleries seem to be appearing in all cities. The local art scene is booming right now… and I think the internet has been the main reason for this, making it so much easier to get your work seen, and network with other artists, galleries and publications.

I like to think that WATIM is helping to bring together the amazing creative talent we have in Australia, and encouraging Australian artists get involved and support local exhibitions, events, projects and most of all… each other.

Thanks Brad!

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