It’s still cool to be cool

Wednesday, 4 February, 2009

What is cool design? While what is considered vogue and popular may change over time, it seems that word itself, cool, remains the word to use when describing something as such.

Ultimately, the cycle of cool is fuelled by our appetite for the uncommon, or that which is novel. Therefore it can be expected that cool is born on the edges of society – among groups that do not fit the status quo. While one might expect that cool falls within the realms of that which is considered popular, this is only half true. Concepts of cool are constantly operating within a cyclic structure; that which is considered cool is not considered such for long, but rather becomes popular and then quickly becomes uncool – hastily making way for the next trend.

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Interview with Bill Tikos of The Cool Hunter

Wednesday, 7 May, 2008

A short video interview (4 mins approx) with Bill Tikos, creator of culture site, the cool hunter.

Webmasters will either be inspired, or turn green with envy, at Bill’s almost nonchalant talk of the site’s “organic growth”.

Launched from his home in Bondi, Sydney, the cool hunter had about 40,000 visitors in its first month, but now receives over 600,000 visits a month.

“Find your niche and if it’s what you love doing it’ll work for you.”

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Cool business card designs

Monday, 28 April, 2008

Cool business card designs.

A simple calling card with a name and phone number just doesn’t cut it anymore…

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Monday, 22 October, 2007

Cool blue pool

Just about the first award of any sort that disassociated collected was being named the Coolstop “best of the cool daily pick” way back on 27 June 1999.

Created by Joe Jenett in January 1998, the daily pick award, or notation, harks back to a web experience many today would find unfamiliar.

It was a time when web designers were the online superstars (some at least), and website design was based on bold visual interfaces.

Many of these websites presented standards compliance and usability issues, but if they weren’t melting down our 33k modems, we were in awe of their raw creativity and ingenuity. Blogs were virtually unheard of.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

I’ve heard some people refer to today’s web as being “grown up”. And while the so called “Web 2.0” is a little more organised and sophisticated, it is possibly also a little… boring.

We also want a piece of the make money online action while cowering in fear of being “bitch slapped” by Google.

Boom cha.

It looks like we have to go back out onto the streets, and make a nuisance of ourselves, to have fun. Again.

A few days ago Joe announced he was discontinuing the best of the cool daily pick, and was considering some new ideas for Coolstop.

I used to enjoy checking the daily pick to see what new discovery Joe had made. Daily pick was no misnomer either. That’s precisely what it was. Daily. As in everyday. Even holidays. And without pause since January 1998.

That’s quite a feat no matter what way you look at it.

I certainly look forward to seeing what Joe has planned next for Coolstop, but in the meantime the first ten years are archived for your viewing pleasure. Too see all of this though, be warned, you may need to block off a solid week or two…

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