Proof that time flies when you’re having fun

Tuesday, 2 February, 2010

Psychologists from the University of St. Thomas put the “times flies when you’re having fun” theory to the test:

The researchers first had dozens of undergrads look through passages of text and underline any words with adjacent repeats of a particular letter. Crucially, the researchers told the participants that the task would last ten minutes, but in reality it lasted either five minutes or twenty minutes, thus creating the illusion of time flying or dragging, respectively. A sneaky switch of stop-watches helped create the illusion. Afterwards, the participants who’d experienced the sense of the time flying rated the task as far more enjoyable than did the participants who’d experienced the sense of time dragging.

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Everyone has at least one party trick, mine is juggling

Thursday, 3 December, 2009

Aside from being able to amuse others, juggling does have a number of other benefits.

It’s not cool to always be telling everyone you can juggle. I know from experience. It is cool to pop out an unexpected novelty once in a while. Juggling can prevent a nephew from crying, surprise a date or prove that you’re not just a fascist dictator. The main reason I like juggling is because it not only can make people excited about me, but it can make them excited about themselves and their own potentials.

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The best fun days at work are in fact days off

Thursday, 1 October, 2009

When it comes to organising a “fun day” at the office (if that’s not a contradiction to start with) there is no one activity that will please everyone. While whatever “fun day” event that is selected might suit a majority of workers, there will be a significant number who aren’t satisfied. A day off work however pleases everyone

In order to design a “fun day” at the workplace, you have to make sure that everyone can participate and that no one is offended. This typically means there is no alcohol, and nothing can be too physically demanding. After all, we work in cubicles and everyone is a total fatty. In the end, you are left with activities that no one wants to play and the day consists of awkward chit chat with people you are uncomfortable talking to for more than five minutes.

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