Multi dimensional ghost paintings, how spooky are they?

Monday, 14 November, 2016

Artwork by Daniel Arnold

St. Louis based artist Daniel Arnold is a painter of multi dimensional ghost images. Did that grab your attention? It certainly did mine.

The next question is, what is a multi dimensional ghost image, and would you want one hanging on the wall of house? Well, I never heard of a painting of a ghost harming anyone, so why not? Explore more of this mysterious realm here.

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Stories about ghosts that nurses have seen

Wednesday, 29 October, 2014

I once spent a month staying at a hotel when I was somewhere, and every evening when I came in there’d be a young woman with straight blonde hair, sitting on the stairs, always engaged in a FaceTime conversation, in Spanish, with, I came to notice, the same male.

I never saw her at any other time. Curious as to who she was, I asked the manager about her one morning. He looked blankly at me. He knew of no such guest, especially one who had been staying there as long as I had.

That’s not quite how things unfolded, and that’s not quite meant to be a ghost story, but I thought I’d try it out nonetheless.

Anyway to bookmark for later tonight… ghosts may well contravene the second law of thermodynamics, but these ghost stories, as told by nurses, may have you doubting the axiom that nothing unreal exists, for a spine chilling couple of minutes at least.

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The photo dairy of a ghost hunter

Wednesday, 17 September, 2014

San Francisco based artist and photographer Elizabeth Moran has put together a collection of images depicting the work of her uncle, who after retiring, became a paranormal investigator. There’s not much of the supernatural to see, but the photos are intriguing nonetheless.

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At the end of the day, ghost hunting is just another job

Wednesday, 6 November, 2013

From the way Dan Sturges, a Manhattan based paranormal investigator speaks, detecting the presence of a ghost is almost the same as picking up on the mood in, say, a crowded room:

Sturges speaks about what he does as if it were an ordinary blue-collar job, like plumbing or carpentry. When asked if he can pick up on psychic phenomena, he shrugs and answers: “I think that everybody does on some level. When you walk into a room where there was a big giant fight and the tension’s so thick you can cut it with a knife – that’s picking up energy. When you watch two people meet for the first time and you’re like – they’re totally going to hook up. Or when you know you’re going to hook up with somebody – that’s energy. You just know.”

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I now call the ghost of the deceased to the stand…

Monday, 5 November, 2012

I’m not much into things supernatural, but found it hard to go passed a story about the “Greenbrier Ghost”, an apparent apparition, whose “testimony” succeeded in securing a murder conviction in the US in 1897.

On the night before her body had been discovered, her husband had come home and fell into a rage when he saw that she hadn’t cooked any meat to go with supper. The specter went on to tell her mother that her husband, in a blind rage overpowered her and closed his fingers around her throat. Such was his fury that Trout hadn’t merely choked his wife to death. Instead, his iron strong grip had mashed her windpipe, ruptured and tearing ligaments before finally breaking her neck, snapping it between the first and second vertebrae. After relating this tale, as the seemingly reanimated corpse of her murdered daughter made her way towards the door and away from her mother for the last time, Zona turned her head towards Mary Jane, completely around on her body, to show her that indeed her neck had been shattered.

It is, I believe, the first and last time something like this has ever happened.

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No longer will we walk alone with the ghosts of time

Monday, 5 March, 2012

A Polish ghost hunter thinks the spirit population is declining and would like to conduct a census to ascertain phantom numbers.

Piotr Shalkevitz, 40, from Chrzanow, Poland, who has spent tens of thousands of pounds on the best paranormal detection equipment from the US, believes it might be because they have given up trying to warn people to prepare for the afterlife. He said: “Maybe they think we aren’t worth saving, and they have given up trying to tell us whatever it was they wanted us to know.

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The ghost in the room is nothing like the elephant in the room

Wednesday, 22 February, 2012

The ghost in the room

Ghost photography enjoyed a certain notoriety during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, after families came to believe photos could capture images of the spirits of recently deceased loved ones, and unscrupulous photographers discovered how to manipulate negatives to create the impression a ghost was present in the shot.

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The ghost station of the afterlife is not an East Berlin train station

Thursday, 8 December, 2011

Radio Spiritworld is a radio station that broadcasts live (as it were) from the afterlife.

(Oh yes, that East Berlin reference.)

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Why exactly do we believe in what we believe in?

Friday, 25 March, 2011

US psychologist Jesse Bering, writer of The Belief Instinct, questions what really drives our belief in ghosts, the supernatural, and religion.

[As a child], my first career obsession was to become a parapsychologist, when I was less critical-minded. I read books about ghosts that completely convinced me that these things were real. As I got older, I was more skeptical but maintained an interest in the supernatural, trying to figure out why I was so easily seduced by things like ghosts and God for that matter.

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Pac-Man only eats ghosts that have character and personality

Tuesday, 7 December, 2010

Most of us probably haven’t given too much thought as to how the four ghosts in Pac-Man behave, or what makes them tick – after all we’re probably too busy evading them – but Chad Birch’s article goes a long way to fleshing out the characteristics and personalities of Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde.

The ghosts are always in one of three possible modes: Chase, Scatter, or Frightened. The “normal” mode with the ghosts pursuing Pac-Man is Chase, and this is the one that they spend most of their time in. While in Chase mode, all of the ghosts use Pac-Man’s position as a factor in selecting their target tile, though it is more significant to some ghosts than others. In Scatter mode, each ghost has a fixed target tile, each of which is located just outside a different corner of the maze. This causes the four ghosts to disperse to the corners whenever they are in this mode. Frightened mode is unique because the ghosts do not have a specific target tile while in this mode. Instead, they pseudorandomly decide which turns to make at every intersection. A ghost in Frightened mode also turns dark blue, moves much more slowly and can be eaten by Pac-Man.

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