Before cameras all Google street view images were hand drawn

Friday, 29 January, 2010

Budapest based freelance illustrator Lehel Kovács has created a series of sketches based on Google street view photos.

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Travelling through time with Google Street View

Tuesday, 14 April, 2009

Google Street View as a time machine of sorts… an interesting take on the sometimes controversial Google service.

The Street View images we have today, and those generated subsequently, will become increasingly fascinating as the years and decades and centuries go by. Imagine being able to look at where you live as it was in 1709. That’s what it’ll be like for someone looking back on today’s Street View imagery in 2309.

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Privacy and Google Street View in Australia

Monday, 11 August, 2008

Informative forum post by Craig Thomler, in response to one of the many discussions taking place about Google Street View, invasion of privacy, and the ability of people to “track you down” using online tools and applications.

The electoral role is a public document containing the address details of voters. The white pages contains most street addresses. Our streets are mainly public, therefore anyone is within their rights to drive along them. There is little barrier to having people discover where you live – unless you are in the witness protection program. On this basis it may be rubbing your face in the situation to have a home photo published, but realistically there is little protection for most people over others finding out where you live and what your home looks like.

“The internet doesn’t make it possible to find people, it only makes it easier. If someone really wanted to find you they could do so without going online.”

(Thanks Anita)

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