I like your bylines better than your headlines

Thursday, 30 July, 2009

Possibly the best way to learn how to write top-notch copy is to learn the wrong way to write it first:

I do complain about that, a lot. But it’s this lack of copywriting as a skill that is leading to the repetition of some God-awful formulaic lines being used over and over again. Some take on slightly different forms, a quick switch of tense, a word extended here or there, but the premise is the same. And if you find yourself looking down at your sketch pad (if you even use one… most of you are chained to a Mac) and see one of these staring back at you on more than one occasion, it may be time to pull the plug.

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The Falling Times

Monday, 5 May, 2008

The Falling Times

Is the west a decadent civilization in decline? Mouse-over the animations to see the headlines, and decide for yourself.

Falling Times refers to the heavy InfoPollution we live in. The InfoSociety has created a new kind of consumer – the InfoConsumer! The most consumed information is the news today. The news has been turning more and more into an entertainment – the Infotainment. The news producers are the biggest info polluters of our time and thus are the biggest contributors to the infoEcological disaster.

Via Ample Sanity.

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