Gaffa Gallery takes its art into the heart of Sydney’s CBD

Friday, 29 January, 2010

Gaffa Art Gallery, Sydney

Gaffa Gallery has recently relocated and is now at 281 Clarence Street, in Sydney’s CBD. The new premises house four gallery spaces, a jewellery studio and store, an industrial design project space, and a cafe.

To find out what’s happening at Gaffa check out the exhibitions page.

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Excuse me, can you direct me to the design department?

Wednesday, 12 November, 2008

How about this, the opportunity to spend the day with NASA’s design department, if you can find it that is…

The thing is, NASA doesn’t actually have an industrial design department. They don’t even have a design department. Not technically, anyway.

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30 essential books for industrial designers

Friday, 4 July, 2008

30 books covering all aspects of the design process, compiled by the Design Translator.

Not just for industrial designers though, all design disciplines will find a number of these titles useful.

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