I actually do my best work when I’m insulting fellow authors

Tuesday, 28 June, 2011

If you thought writing wasn’t dog eat dog sort of work then you’d be quite mistaken.

Truman Capote on Jack Kerouac: “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”

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A new anger management technique: try lying down

Tuesday, 18 August, 2009

A new definition of being a walk over? Insults are apparently a little easier to take if you lying down.

Volunteers who heard these insults while on their backs felt as angry as volunteers who were seated. But EEG recordings showed that, for the upright volunteers, a brain region called the left prefrontal cortex was more active than its counterpart in the brain’s right hemisphere. Other research has linked this lopsided activation to anger and approach motivation. Volunteers who received their digs while lying down, however, exhibited EEG patterns no different from subjects who got slightly positive reviews, Harmon-Jones says.

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Descending the lows of the argument pyramid

Tuesday, 28 July, 2009

The Hierarchy of Disagreement represented as the Argument Pyramid, with reasonably informed objections to a point-of-view at the top, and outright name-calling and insults, with little or no regard to the original discussion or debate, at the bottom.

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