My iPhone just called to say that… I’m over the BAC limit

Monday, 24 November, 2008

Is there no end to the variety of iPhone apps that are being churned out? How about this one that will calculate your blood alcohol content after a night on the booze, and let you know whether you’d be better off taking a taxi home.

At long last, I have finally found a third-party iPhone app that I’ll use every day. It’s a free app called Last Call, and it calculates your blood alcohol content based on how much you drink, what kind of booze you’re chugging and how much you weigh. And here’s the best part: If you surpass the legal BAC limit (e.g., 0.08 percent in the United States), there’s a button to find a taxi or look up a directory of nearby DUI lawyers if you get pulled over.

I’m sure it goes without saying that calling for a taxi will be far, far, less costly than calling for a lawyer.

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