If light bulbs had their own IP addresses could they be hacked?

Wednesday, 25 May, 2011

Ten plus years ago people talked excitedly about being able to connect their refrigerators to the internet… after all the potential to ping the fridge to see how much milk was left, from the other side of town, made for a convenient prospect.

And if light bulbs of the near future have their own IP addresses then we’ll be able to turn lights on and off from other rooms, or even as we’re heading for home from work or a night out, all from the handset of our smartphone… surely another convenient and useful comfort.

The possibilities are endless: You could monitor, manage and control every light bulb from any Internet-enabled device – turning lights on and off individually, dimming or creating scenes from your smartphone, tablet, PC or TV – to save energy as well as electricity costs.

I hope these light bulbs are secure though… imagine the mayhem if a neighbour or someone took control of your lights and started switching them on and off at all hours of the day and night.

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Incandescent bulbs saved by restrictions on incandescent bulbs

Monday, 13 July, 2009

US government energy efficiency regulations effectively banning the production and sale of incandescent light bulbs from 2012 have ironically saved the old bulbs from obsoleteness, by bringing about a re-working of the old Thomas Edison invention.

The line is not as efficient as compact fluorescent light bulbs, which can use 75 percent less energy than old-style bulbs. But the Energy Saver line is finding favor with consumers who dislike the light from fluorescent bulbs or are bothered by such factors as their slow start-up time and mercury content.

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In the dark: some words of farewell to the light bulb

Wednesday, 7 January, 2009

Light bulbs (or light globes as they are referred to in some parts of the world) are in the process of being phased out across the European Union in the name of being environmentally friendly.

This month, 75W and 100W bulbs begin to disappear from sale as we switch to environmentally friendly, but dimmer, colder, uglier, often more expensive, eco-bulbs. From Bantry Bay to Bucharest, European ceilings today bear witness to a mass hanging signifying the end of the incandescent bulb. One by one those doomed lights will, as Churchill foresaw (he was actually on about something else), go off all over Europe.

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W T F?!?

Thursday, 24 April, 2003

Hell, the way some people spend their time, huh? I’ve just spent the last little while reading what could only be described as highly informative writing on light bulbs?

Hello? Who cares how long a damn light bulb lasts?

Dude, you really need to get out of that studio of yours, and about a bit more often.

As for me I just spent the last few days mixing up some of Massive Attack’s new stuff off 100th Window. For anyone who has yet to indulge, I highly recommend it.

I just can’t wait to see what comes up here next, an extended rant on how environmentally unfriendly foam coffee cups are, or something?

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