Only the good die young, better to burn out than to fade away?

Friday, 14 May, 2010

A career as a rock musician may bring you fame and fortune but, more than likely, not much in the way of longevity, as Alexa Edgerton’s infographic goes to show.

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The Top Ten hedonists of Rock

Friday, 17 April, 2009

I imagine this wouldn’t have been the easiest list to compile given the sheer number of rock musicians in contention for a place.

Rock musicians have a built-in excuse to act poorly. While we expect pro athletes to be model citizens and movie stars to at least remain upright, rock stars are cut enormous slack to copiously indulge in bad behavior. The typical triggers for excess when you’re a celebrity are notoriety, spare time and money; however, there’s something in the primal and narcissistic nature of rock music that fosters a particularly dedicated form of decadence.

Number one on the list is probably no surprise though.

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