Trying for a try, it’s all in the anticipation

Wednesday, 6 March, 2013

I’ve rarely ever watched a game of rugby in its entirety, but this recent match between Super 15 teams the Highlanders and Chiefs, should have been an exception, if this snippet of play was indicative of the excitement of the rest of the game.

Both teams, by the way, are from New Zealand, and their players would go on to form the ranks of the All Blacks, which would be, historically/statistically, the best rugby team in the world. I suspect though plenty of people would disagree with such a statement.

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Photo: at the Northlakes United Rugby Club in Budgewoi

Friday, 12 February, 2010

Northlakes United Rugby Club

Home ground of the Northlakes United Rugby Club, Budgewoi.

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Super 14 don’t become the NRL or AFL

Thursday, 21 May, 2009

While I’m not really a sports fan, I still keep an eye on the results and tables of quite a few codes (rugby, league, Australian football, English football). That said, I don’t know how long it has been since I actually sat down and watched a game of anything in its entirety, it could well be ten years or more.

I’ve always liked the format of the the Super 14 rubgy competition played between Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa, mainly because it’s short and sweet… 14 teams play each other twice, home and away each time, only the top four teams go through to a sudden death finals series, and the whole thing is over in about three months.

And that’s my sports fix for the winter, over and done with.

That’s going to change in 2012 when the current competition is expanded to become the Super 15, and will span five months rather than the current three, and see the top six teams play off in the series finals.

An expanded Super 15 season from the last weekend of February to the first weekend of August. An increase in Super matches from 91 to 120. In World Cup years such as 2011, when the Super 15 expansion will begin, the Super season and Tri Nations will be moved forward.

The idea is to make the contest a little more exciting and competitive, especially while the AFL and NRL comps are in full swing. So far though there is no talk of a month long final series for the Super 14, which I think adds needless bloat to the other two football championships.

A top six, sudden death, finals series would sure make those contests a little more competitive (though possibly a little less… lucrative?).

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