How specialty coffees reinvigorated a flagging coffee culture

Wednesday, 18 August, 2010

While coffee aficionados may find it hard to believe, their favourite brew hasn’t always enjoyed its current levels of popularity, and consumption had been declining, particularly among those in their twenties, through out the latter half of last century.

The trend was reversed however in the 1990s when some roasters began to blend beans from different sources creating “specialty coffees”, which had tastes and aromas that were both new and enticing as far as coffee drinkers were concerned.

The movement toward specialty coffees was taken up by small roasters. While bigger brands followed, the size of smaller brands initially helped them establish credibility with the specialty coffee crowd – they weren’t seen as mass producers, they were viewed as having a closer relationship to the coffees they were trying to sell, and as such could produce a more flavorful coffee experience.

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