UFO, psychics, and spies. The truth is amongst the CIA’s data

Wednesday, 1 February, 2017

The truth is out there. Somewhere, surely. Dig through the twelve million, that’s right, twelve million pages of data, or some 930,000 declassified documents, that the CIA recently made searchable online, and see what you can learn about past investigations into unidentified flying objects, psychics, and spies, and the like.

A great way to spend a rainy day, maybe?

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Stories about ghosts that nurses have seen

Wednesday, 29 October, 2014

I once spent a month staying at a hotel when I was somewhere, and every evening when I came in there’d be a young woman with straight blonde hair, sitting on the stairs, always engaged in a FaceTime conversation, in Spanish, with, I came to notice, the same male.

I never saw her at any other time. Curious as to who she was, I asked the manager about her one morning. He looked blankly at me. He knew of no such guest, especially one who had been staying there as long as I had.

That’s not quite how things unfolded, and that’s not quite meant to be a ghost story, but I thought I’d try it out nonetheless.

Anyway to bookmark for later tonight… ghosts may well contravene the second law of thermodynamics, but these ghost stories, as told by nurses, may have you doubting the axiom that nothing unreal exists, for a spine chilling couple of minutes at least.

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The photo dairy of a ghost hunter

Wednesday, 17 September, 2014

San Francisco based artist and photographer Elizabeth Moran has put together a collection of images depicting the work of her uncle, who after retiring, became a paranormal investigator. There’s not much of the supernatural to see, but the photos are intriguing nonetheless.

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How do I sell my house if the sitting tenant is a ghost?

Monday, 27 January, 2014

Is your house subject to strange creaking noises? Sudden, inexplicable, drops in temperature? And, most spine tingling of all, blurry reflections in windows and mirrors? If so, it could be your place is haunted.

That may not be a big deal for you though, if one, you don’t believe in paranormal phenomena, and/or two, you don’t actually intend to reside in said property, but rather rent it out to someone else, or move the problem sideways, as it were.

If though, you, or a would-be leaseholder suspects an otherworldly presence is in residence, and like it or lump it, the issue does concern some people, it turns out there are a couple of things you can do to addresss the problem.

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The one about Mark Twain ghostwriting… his own book

Thursday, 7 November, 2013

I didn’t know that Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain, had, after his death, written a book, titled “Jap Herron”, but if we are to take Emily Grant Hutchings, likewise a writer, at her word, then Twain’s last tome, was dictated to her by way of an Ouija board.

Jap Herron was a novel written, supposedly, by a deceased Mark Twain from beyond the grave, dictated via the medium of a Ouija board. The scribe (faithfully taking down notes, or perhaps a little more than just that, depending on your view) was Emily Grant Hutchings, a woman who had actually corresponded with Twain 15 years earlier.

It is to be hoped, surely, that more of our favourite deceased authors will grace us with further novels in the same fashion.

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At the end of the day, ghost hunting is just another job

Wednesday, 6 November, 2013

From the way Dan Sturges, a Manhattan based paranormal investigator speaks, detecting the presence of a ghost is almost the same as picking up on the mood in, say, a crowded room:

Sturges speaks about what he does as if it were an ordinary blue-collar job, like plumbing or carpentry. When asked if he can pick up on psychic phenomena, he shrugs and answers: “I think that everybody does on some level. When you walk into a room where there was a big giant fight and the tension’s so thick you can cut it with a knife – that’s picking up energy. When you watch two people meet for the first time and you’re like – they’re totally going to hook up. Or when you know you’re going to hook up with somebody – that’s energy. You just know.”

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Life’s unsolved mysteries figured out online

Wednesday, 4 September, 2013

/x/ is a 4chan discussion board whose participants investigate matters of a paranormal nature.

The difference is that on /x/, many of these tales of the supernatural (and super-creepy) could be true. And /x/philes will go to extreme lengths to get to the bottom of them. As longtime /x/ lurker and former administrator of the truth portal on Encyclopedia Dramatica h64 told the Daily Dot, “/x/ is one of the only sources of truth on the Internet.” “Every day, users of /x/ put their lives on the line to bring you the raw goods our masters don’t want us to know,” h64 told the Daily Dot. “Users of /x/ are guilty not only of thoughtcrime, but of sightcrime, the crime of bearing witness.”

/x/ not only attempts to solve mysteries though, they also create a few of their own, to keep the rest of us on our toes I guess.

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What forces actually make the moves on an Ouija board?

Wednesday, 7 August, 2013

Ah yes, if we were operating an Ouija board solo – a practice that probably defeats the purpose, but never mind – then I’m sure we’d have no trouble willing the numbers and letters we wished to see, pointed at. But what about when a group of people are holding the cup, or marker… what would compel everyone to point to a certain character on the board?

How does that work then? Might some… force therefore be at play? Certainly some sort of “force” is exerting itself, but maybe not the one you were hoping for (and for those who enjoy a little mystique of the supernatural variety, then sorry, this article contains spoilers):

The phenomenon is called the ideomotor effect and you can witness it yourself if you hang a small weight like a button or a ring from a string (ideally more than a foot long). Hold the end of the string with your arm out in front of you, so the weight hangs down freely. Try to hold your arm completely still. The weight will start to swing clockwise or anticlockwise in small circles. Do not start this motion yourself. Instead, just ask yourself a question – any question – and say that the weight will swing clockwise to answer “Yes” and anticlockwise for “No”. Hold this thought in mind, and soon, even though you are trying not to make any motion, the weight will start to swing in answer to your question.

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I now call the ghost of the deceased to the stand…

Monday, 5 November, 2012

I’m not much into things supernatural, but found it hard to go passed a story about the “Greenbrier Ghost”, an apparent apparition, whose “testimony” succeeded in securing a murder conviction in the US in 1897.

On the night before her body had been discovered, her husband had come home and fell into a rage when he saw that she hadn’t cooked any meat to go with supper. The specter went on to tell her mother that her husband, in a blind rage overpowered her and closed his fingers around her throat. Such was his fury that Trout hadn’t merely choked his wife to death. Instead, his iron strong grip had mashed her windpipe, ruptured and tearing ligaments before finally breaking her neck, snapping it between the first and second vertebrae. After relating this tale, as the seemingly reanimated corpse of her murdered daughter made her way towards the door and away from her mother for the last time, Zona turned her head towards Mary Jane, completely around on her body, to show her that indeed her neck had been shattered.

It is, I believe, the first and last time something like this has ever happened.

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No longer will we walk alone with the ghosts of time

Monday, 5 March, 2012

A Polish ghost hunter thinks the spirit population is declining and would like to conduct a census to ascertain phantom numbers.

Piotr Shalkevitz, 40, from Chrzanow, Poland, who has spent tens of thousands of pounds on the best paranormal detection equipment from the US, believes it might be because they have given up trying to warn people to prepare for the afterlife. He said: “Maybe they think we aren’t worth saving, and they have given up trying to tell us whatever it was they wanted us to know.

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