The most dangerous day of the week is… pay day

Tuesday, 5 July, 2011

A US study has found that the mortality rate surges in the week following pay-day… with a large number of deaths resulting from car accidents and substance abuse, presumably as people get out and about spending their wages.

“What surprised us was how broad-based the phenomenon was,” says Evans. “We found increased mortality after payday for the young and old, low and higher income groups, for married and single individuals. The increase in short-run mortality also occurs for a large number of causes of death. The effect was particularly pronounced for car accidents, heart attacks and especially substance abuse,” according to Evans.

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Happiness is a bonus for paid-by-the-hour workers

Thursday, 17 December, 2009

Becoming a contract, or paid-by-the-hour, worker may boost overall job satisfaction, as such workers tend to be more focused on their pay-cheque, and the money that is due them:

Researchers explored the relationship between income and happiness by focusing on the organizational arrangements that make the connection between time and money. They found that the way in which an employee is paid is tied to their feeling of happiness. The researchers theorize that hourly wage-earners focus more attention on their pay than those who earn a salary. That concrete, consistent focus on the worth of the employee’s time in each paycheck influences the level of happiness the employee feels.

Presumably permanent, or salaried, workers are left to contemplate endless days at the face of the grindstone.

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Survey salary: what is the worth of social media work?

Thursday, 5 February, 2009

The Salary Survey 2009: social media consultants are the talk of the town right now but what sort of money could someone working in the social media field expect to earn?

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