Unknown and unpublished ebook writers can still be successful

Thursday, 3 March, 2011

Web fiction writer Amanda Hocking has sold a large number of books that have been written specifically for distribution electronically, going to show that unknown authors previously unpublished “traditionally” – as was the case for Hocking – don’t have to sell their work at bargain basement prices to do well.

The oft-repeated argument that people use w/r/t Konrath is that he was a traditionally published author before moving to the Kindle store. But Hocking and her peers, who have never been published the traditional route before (who were inspired by Konrath’s exploits, and who are now selling way more than Konrath ever has) are together invalidating that argument. You don’t have to be traditionally published to sell a lot of ebooks, and you don’t have to be A-List famous, either.

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