Back to the (distant) past with triple j’s hottest 100 of all time

Monday, 13 July, 2009

First up, fantastic, as I called back in May, Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” topped the second triple j Hottest 100 of all time… once again.

Regardless though I enjoyed listening into the countdown and thought the decision to stagger it was a good one, as it was easier to block off periods of time to listen in over several days as opposed to needing to stay near the radio all day, as is the case for the annual countdowns.

One thing that struck me, and many others I’m sure, was the age of some of the songs charting on the Hottest 100. For a station whose target demographic is (primarily) listeners aged 18 to 25, a large chunk of the music predated the mid 1980s.

I’d put this down to a couple of things though. First up there are a fair few triple j listeners who are outside (that is, older than) the primary 18 to 25 year old listener base.

Even among the 18 to 25s though there still would have been a number of votes for 1970s and earlier music, as many of today’s target listeners would have grown up hearing their parents playing the likes of Hendrix, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, etc, etc, etc.

I’d also like to think that music listeners born after 1985 though would still be on the lookout for quality music recorded before they were born, (in the same way the people born before 1985 are on the lookout for quality music recorded after 1985) and the countdown certainly reflects this thought.

Anyway check out the full list here and listen to streams of the countdown (listed about halfway down the right-hand column) which will be online until 20 July.

Oh, and yes, viva la grunge revival!

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  • You’re right about younger people looking for decent music from before their time; I often listen to Pink Floyd and Joy Division/New Order due to my fathers influence.

    Bryce Sheehan at 10:44 am on Monday, 13 July, 2009