Social contact exhausting for both introverts and extroverts

Thursday, 4 November, 2010

Social contact, which often leaves introverted people feeling drained, also appears to take a toll on extroverts, after a study on the impact of sleep deprivation across the two personality types, found extroverts lacked the levels of alertness of similarly sleep deprived introverts.

Interestingly though, sleep deprived extroverts denied social contact during the study were found to be almost as alert as the introverted participants.

While there was little difference in one of the tests, in which volunteers had to push a button as soon as possible in response to a light, introverts fared better in a “maintenance of wakefulness test”, which checks whether sleep-deprived people are able to stay awake over a set period of time. The extroverts in that group did badly in the test, but the extroverts in the second group – those denied social contact – performed markedly better.

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