Will we soon see government health warnings on popcorn?

Friday, 1 April, 2011

US cinemas may soon have to disclose the calorie content of popcorn – and other foods and beverages they sell – if federal regulators get their way, a measure many movie houses are not in favour of.

“If a movie theater is going to be serving people with 1,000-calorie tubs of popcorn, the least they could do is tell people about it,” said Margo Wootan, director of nutrition policy at the center. “Just because you happen to be doing something else while you’re eating doesn’t mean that those 1,000 calories won’t stop going to your waistline.”

Considering up to one third of cinema revenue is generated through the sale of popcorn and the like, their reluctance is understandable, as such a move could have a serious impact on profitability.

Update: interesting, if sales of popcorn and other concession foods declined, movie ticket prices could increase as the sale of such items subsidises ticket prices (Thanks Max).

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