The internet does not come with an operating manual

Tuesday, 13 September, 2011

David Hayes’ guide to the deceptively simple undertakings of finding, reading, and publishing, content online.

Out­side of Face­book, the can-be-used-for pub­lish­ing plat­form that most civil­ians are likely to have heard about is Twit­ter, which hardly qual­i­fies as a pub­lish­ing plat­form. If you’re ever look­ing for an old tweet, you’ll quickly real­ize that the medium is built to be short-lived. That’s not an inher­ently bad thing, but any­one who has the com­pul­sion to record their thoughts in a pub­lic way prob­a­bly doesn’t want to do so on such an ephemeral plat­form. Add to that the char­ac­ter limit and I would con­tend that any­one try­ing to use Twit­ter for much more than fool­ing around is act­ing fool­ishly. So, one won­ders, how do I pub­lish things in a pub­lic way so they can be found later?

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