The story of Mark Reay, the homeless A-list fashion photographer

Monday, 17 August, 2015

Homme Less, trailer, is the debut feature of New York based documentary maker Thomas Wirthensohn, that chronicles the remarkable story of Mark Reay, once a male model, turned fashion photographer.

For six years Reay lead a double life, rubbing shoulders with the rich and glamourous at parties, fashion shows, and the best restaurants, while sleeping, homeless, on the rooftop of a New York City building. He had it all thought out though:

I remembered this friend’s rooftop where we used to have cocktails. So, one night, I snuck into the building and went to the rooftop. I figured I’d stay there for a few days. I didn’t leave for six years. All I had were a few items of clothing and a thrift store blanket. I got a cheap poncho, which I used to cover myself so I couldn’t be seen, and I put up a tarpaulin. It was September and it was manageable. I started getting a bit more work from Dazed, but not enough to afford rent, so I figured I’d just stay there until I worked something out. I managed to renew my gym contract – I know that sounds mad, but it was $70 a month and it had showers, electricity and a toilet. Plus, I could leave my camera and clothes in there safely.

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