Cake culture, the next threat to workplace well being?

Monday, 23 January, 2017

Medical professionals are urging workplaces in the United Kingdom to cut back on the amount of sugary food that is available to employees, as concerns regarding obesity rise.

While quite a proportion of people are overweight as a result of an increase in the consumption of sweet foods, what’s alarming is the number of people being admitted to hospitals on account of tooth decay. Was their situation so dire, that a dentist couldn’t help them?

In 2015-16 around 63% of adults in England were classified as either obese or overweight and nearly 64,000 over-18s were admitted to hospital because of tooth decay. Last year, 40% of people made a resolution to lose weight, and 24% said they wanted to eat more healthily.

In the past, I’ve worked at companies that have, how shall we say, offered well-stocked lunch rooms. It was interesting though, talking to others who were partaking of the available foodstuffs, with many saying they never ate this sort of food at home, and indeed did not even keep such items in the house.

Comfort food, perhaps? It seems like there may be other issues at play here, and restricting the availability of sugary snacks may not be the whole solution.

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