Fortune favours those who think they’re bold. And the open minded

Wednesday, 8 February, 2017

Here’s something for anyone who feels they’re down on their luck. Try imagining that you’re in fact lucky, and that you’re on a winning streak. It’s a phenomenon I’ve observed before. Positive thinking, and the like. When you think things might go your way, often times they can, says Chelsea Wald, writing for Nautilus.

A belief in luck can lead to a virtuous cycle of thought and action. Belief in good luck goes hand in hand with feelings of control, optimism, and low anxiety. If you believe you’re lucky and show up for a date feeling confident, relaxed, and positive, you’ll be more attractive to your date.

Being lucky though is not only about thinking you are lucky. An open mind, an awareness of your surroundings, and keeping anxieties in check, also plays a part, writes Teresa Iafolla, in a separate Nautilus article.

Lucky people don’t magically attract new opportunities and good fortune. They stroll along with their eyes wide open, fully present in the moment (a problem for people glued to phone screens). This also means that anything that affects our physical or emotional ability to take in our environment also affects our so-called “luckiness” – anxiety, for one. Anxiety physically and emotionally closes us off to chance opportunities.

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