John Lampard

Jack of all trades. disassociated first debuted in 1997 when I teaching myself web design. Today disassociated is a place I post links to items of interest I spot as I browse the web.

Not that location matters much anymore, either you’re on the grid or off it, but I’m based in NSW, Australia, wherever I can connect to the aforementioned grid.

I’ve been doing disassociated in one form or another since 1997. That’s when I started to spend serious amounts of time online, looking at whatever websites I could find.

After seeing what seemed like a large chunk of the approximately one million sites that were around at that point, I decided I wanted one of my own.

After dabbling with a couple of interim sites, went online in August 1997. And so, long story short, here we are today.

disassociated is part personal, part pop culture – with a design, art, and film skew – and very much a work in progress, but take a look around and decide for yourself.

Some of my write-ups, and the links I’ve featured, have been referenced by all manner of websites. These include Wired, Smashing Magazine, Gizmodo, MetaFilter, ZDNet, VSAUCE, Web Urbanist, Reddit, and Wikipedia.

One or two also reached Digg’s front page back in the day. I’ve even made it into print, with US author Mark Briggs referencing an article about revenue streams for independent online publishers, in his 2011 book, Entrepreneurial Journalism.

What’s in a name?

At thirteen letters in length, disassociated is a little long when it comes to website domain names. The original name of this venture, which takes its origins in the murky depths of the past, was disassociated partners, a group of creatives I was once part of. That’s even longer, and why I hope you don’t mind if I just call this place disassociated instead.

disassociated is also another way of saying independent. Maybe not opinionated, but certainly independent.

Building and designing disassociated

I try to keep things simple here, and being a former web designer helps.

In June 2007 I migrated to the WordPress online publishing Content Management System (CMS). Prior to this every page on disassociated was marked-up with HTML manually, as it was needed, using NotePad, a simple text editor.

I still use NotePad today to stitch together the PHP files I need, along with WordPad for writing all content, PhotoShop for images and photos, FireFox, and Google Chrome.

The font here is Agenda Medium, by Font Bureau, and being a web font should display in your browser even if it isn’t stalled on your system. It was introduced when I redesigned disassociated in May 2012, also the time I placed the layout into a single column and, hopefully, made the site a little more smartphone friendly.

Pages are auto-validated, or otherwise, by way of the fine FireFox extension HTML Validator, which makes mark-up errors easy to spot and correct.