Jackie Jiang, New York based abstract artist

Tuesday, 11 July, 2017

Artwork by Jackie Jiang

Jackie Jiang is an abstract artist and drawer, who often works with watercolours, based in New York.

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Nadine Sawyer, Brisbane based abstract artist

Thursday, 6 July, 2017

Artwork by Nadine Sawyer

Nadine Sawyer is an abstract artist based in Brisbane, Australia. This is a work from a series titled “Women on Brown Paper Collection”.

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Katya Saab, San Diego based artist

Wednesday, 7 June, 2017

Artwork by Katya Saab

Katya Saab is an abstract artist who hails from Mexico, and is now based in San Diego.

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Marie Howell, Nashville, Tennessee, based visual artist

Monday, 5 June, 2017

Artwork by Marie Howell

Marie Howell is a visual artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. This is a photo of a detail of a work in progress of an abstract painting, taken several months ago.

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Eileen Noonan, San Francisco based abstract artist

Tuesday, 30 May, 2017

Artwork by Eileen Noonan

Eileen Noonan is a self-taught abstract artist who is based in San Francisco.

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Sijia Chen, Los Angeles based abstract artist

Tuesday, 25 April, 2017

Artwork by Sijia Chen

Sijia Chen is an abstract artist who splits her time between Shantou, in China, and Los Angeles, on the west coast of the United States.

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Miha Sarani, Seattle based fine artist

Wednesday, 19 April, 2017

Artwork by Miha Sarani

Miha Sarani is a Seattle based fine artist who hails from Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. This abstract painting is a still a work in progress, but I think it’s great as is. I wonder how the finished product will turn out?

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Chuck Gumpert, Seattle based abstract artist

Tuesday, 14 March, 2017

Artwork by Chuck Gumpert

Chuck Gumpert is a visual artist based in Seattle, on the west coast of the United States. His abstract works are frequently inspired by the music of acts such as Björk, Radiohead, R.E.M., and Depeche Mode, amongst others. It’s one reason he feels many of his works are in fact musical.

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Sonja Blaess-Eigelshoven, Swiss abstract artist

Wednesday, 15 February, 2017

Artwork by Sonja Blaess-Eigelshoven

Sonja Blaess-Eigelshoven is a Swiss abstract artist. This work intrigued me, as while I looked at it, I had a number of ideas as to what I might be seeing. What do you think? See more work here.

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Abstract and contemporary artworks by Nathalie Tierce

Friday, 14 October, 2016

Artwork by Nathalie Tierce

If geometric paintings are your thing, then you need to see the work of Los Angeles based abstract and contemporary artist Nathalie Tierce. See more artworks on her Instagram page.

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