Only on a cube shaped planet could the Earth ever be flat

Wednesday, 7 September, 2011

Conditions on a cube shaped planet, which one could safely say are fairly rare, would differ vastly from what we are used to, but are fascinating none the less.

On the plus side, the view is like none on earth, or on any planet anywhere. You can sight down one edge of the cube to a far corner, a distance of some 6,400 miles. Even more strikingly, you see all the atmosphere and water has been concentrated by gravity into a blob in the middle of each face, with the corners and edges poking out into space. You realize your cubical planet isn’t one world but six, each face’s segment of the biosphere isolated from the others by the hopeless climb.

Six isolated biospheres on a cube shaped planet… that would surely make for a great premise for some sort of science fiction story.

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