Last train for Brighton, just leaving now

Thursday, 5 September, 2013

High speed footage, recorded over a sixty year period, of the train journey from London’s Victoria station to Brighton on the south coast, that takes less than four minutes… what a way to travel to Brighton.

Although the journey has been filmed three times since 1953, in 1983, and then 2013, unless you have a super keen eye for detail, you’ll only discern fairly minor changes along the route.

Blink, and you’ll miss Clapham Junction, on the way out there.

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If we burn the clocks we won’t know how early it gets dark

Friday, 30 December, 2011

Photos from the “Burning the Clocks” festival, which as been held in the British city of Brighton since 1993, to mark the Winter Solstice.

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Links for 16 September 2007

Sunday, 16 September, 2007

  • Flash on the Beach: a design conference dedicated especially to Flash is taking place at Brighton in the UK this November. Your chance to see more than 40 of the world’s most talented Flash designers, developers and artists!
  • yatzer: “design is to share”, presenting the eye pleasing design blog of Greek interior designer and art director Costas Voyatzis.
  • VR freetrade at the Australian INfront is the latest Visual Response challenge from the INfront crew. Create an image from scratch (using no photos or scans) with PhotoShop or Illustrator based on your interpretation of the term “freetrade”.
  • Staying On Track When You’re Working From Home: useful article at Career Ramblings with a few ideas to help those working from home focus on their work!
  • Sleeping on the Job: “To improve productivity, take a nap”. Really? Apparently 38 per cent of us are sleeping less than we did five years ago. How to remedy subsequent sleep deprivation? Take a one hour nap mid afternoon. Hmm, how about scheduling eight hours sleep instead? (parents of new borns excepted!)

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