Much of your identity is in your eyebrows

Monday, 28 September, 2009

Eyebrows play a surprisingly big part in helping people identify each other, and any change in their appearance – or even their removal – can cause identity confusion.

The lesson: eyebrows are crucial to your identity – they’re at least as important as your eyes, if not more so. If you put colored contacts in your eyes, pumped collagen into your lips, or put on a pair of funky sunglasses, people would probably still recognize you easily. But try shaving off your eyebrows. Chances are that everyone will say they didn’t recognize you at first glance.

This possibly goes someway to explaining why Clark Kent was able to effectively differentiate his private identity from that of his alter-ego Superman by merely wearing a pair of glasses… so long as the frames of his glasses concealed his eyebrows he would be fine with such a flimsy disguise.

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