Eat more fish and chips, that’s a healthy eating tip I can go for

Monday, 3 January, 2011

Up there with drinking plenty of water and not eating too late, comes news that fish and chips are among foods that form the basis of a healthy diet.

Many researchers think that the shift away from omega-3 fatty acids found in fish to the omega-6 sort floating around in vegetable oils – and the change in brain chemistry that this causes – explains the growth over recent decades of depression, manic-depression, memory loss, schizophrenia and attention-deficit disorder. It may also be responsible for rising levels of obesity and thus the heart disease which often accompanies being overweight. Some scientists go so far as to suggest that an omega-3 acid was responsible for the existence of nervous systems in the first place, and that access to large quantities of the stuff was what permitted the evolution of big brains in mankind’s more recent ancestors.

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