We all become one, our faces are the face of tomorrow

Monday, 14 February, 2011

Face of Tomorrow, the faces of Sydney

The Face of Tomorrow – a project created by South African photographer Mike Mike – seeks to determine the look of the “average face” of cities across the globe by blending 100 photos of people living in a particular centre to produce a single male and female image that is representative of each city’s ethnic and cultural make-up.

The above images represent the average faces of Sydney, which Mike says has one of the most multicultural populations in the world:

The city’s population is primarily of European extraction (British, Irish, Italian, Greek and Maltese) with about 15% being of Asian origin (Chinese, Vietnamese, Malaysian, Thai and Indian). There are also sizeable communities of Pacific Islanders, New Zealanders, Lebanese, Turks and South Africans. The official language is English but the government, as part of its proactively multicultural approach, recognizes some 30 “community languages” and government services are also available in these. 35% of Sydney’s population were born outside Australia and in downtown Sydney this number rises to 70%.

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